LS Productions UK Ltd Team Photo
Nick Satchell - Managing Director, LS Producions UK Ltd

Nick Satchell

[Managing Director]

Left a corporate life in finance over 25 years ago and have seen some interesting times in this industry. Still haven’t quite decided what I want to

do when I grow up!

Adrian Harwood, Operations Manager, LS Producions UK Ltd

Adrian Harwood

[Operations Director]

30 Years in the Audio Visual and Live Environment Industry has given me plenty of experience and knowledge in a Creative World of Global Events, and when I’m not busy I’m cruising around on one of my Motorcycles, usually the Harley Davidson enjoying the beautiful Sussex countryside.

When I’m not in the water surfing Brighton’s waves (yes Brighton does have surfable waves) you will find me hard at work in front of my lovely 27” iMac designing away.

Daniel Satchell

[Creative Director]

Daniel Satchell - Creative Director, LS Producions UK Ltd