Filming & Editing Production In Sussex
Filming & Editing Production In Sussex
Daniel Satchell - Creative Director, LS Productions UK Ltd

A word from Daniel;

"There's no stronger way to convey your message, than through film. My most recent claim to fame is my short 5 minute documentary film about surfing in Brighton."

The film is called "The Optimist" and was part of the Adventure Uncovered Film Festival Tour 2020 - Check it out!

Filming & Editing


[Daniel Satchell | Camera Man, Video Editor & Photographer]

LS Productions offer film and video editing services for corporate, business and personal projects. Our video editing facilities allow us to provide a fast turnaround and high quality end product. 


Our skilled in-house video editor Daniel Satchell will work on your

project to ensure that the end result meets your expectations and final delivery standards. We also offer PowerPoint and other media capture

and integration.


We can accommodate both High Definition editing, Standard Definition editing and combined media video editing workflow. Each editing
platform includes colour grading, colour correction and standard filters. Motion graphics and 2D / 3D animation can be the right add-on to your project to give it that final unique touch. We also source the right music,
any graphic material you require, create voice-overs and special effects. 






















Video Editing for corporate and local business

Our editing projects include: business conferences, presentations, interviews, charity events, educational videos, web commercials, promotional videos, You Tube & Vimeo videos.


Video Editing for personal projects

We also have experience editing personal projects such as school performances, personal training videos and personal videos for
viral marketing.


We accept most of the industry standards: miniDV, DVCAM, HDV, 4K,


We also offer video/sound file conversion to and from any format including analogue devices such as MiniDV, VHS, VHSC and Hi8.

Camera shy?

Our video teleprompter will help you be word perfect for your audience.

We film the following;

- Business Conferences

- Award Shows

- Customer testimonials

- Talking Heads

- Lectures

- GM meetings

- Corporate team building events

- Product launches

- Press releases

- Charity events

- Interviews


Multi camera filming

Multi camera filming for your live event or video project allows a greater choice of shots and angles, giving a choice of editing styles and footage

to work with. Multi camera filming is an ideal solution to capture all aspects of your event and to ensure that the end product is up to your expectations.

Speak to us today on 01444 257700 to discuss your filming requirements,

or drop Daniel an email at